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accessory nerve (XI) k. mammillary body t. pons c. cerebellum l. medulla oblongata u. spinal cord Click here to link to an ONLINE version of the lab manual.

Lab 26 brain and cranial nerves

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cone-shaped gland attached to upper posterior portion of diencephalon. Pons. rounded bulge on underside of brainstem. LAB 26- BRAIN AND CRANIAL NERVES FIGURE 26.1 12 4 6 7 1 8 11 9 10 3 5 2 FIGURE 26.2 1) Frontal lobe 4) Parietal lobe 2) Insula 5) Occipital lobe 3) Temporal lobe FIGURE 26.3 1) Motor area for voluntary muscle control4) Cutaneous sensory area 2) Motor speech area (Broca’s area) 5) Sensory speech area (Wernicke’s area) 3) Auditory area 6) Visual area FIGURE 26.4 1) (I) Olfactory nerve 7) (VII) Facial nerve 2) (II) Optic nerve 8) (VIII) Vestibulocochlear nerve 3) (III) Oculomotor nerve 9 Start studying Lab 26 Brain and Cranial Nerves (Part A). Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Medulla oblongata 7. Pia mater 8. Longitudinal 9.

Read the Clinical Case for this lab. Review the Practice Questions for this lab.

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Learning Objectives: Upon completion of this session, the student will be able to: Identify the three cranial fossae and openings for the spinal cord, cranial nerves, arteries (internal carotid and middle meningeal), and the … Cranial Nerve Organization Table Mnemonic: Oh, oh, oh, to touch and feel very good velvetah, heaven Cranial Nerve: Major Functions: I Olfactory Sensory only: smell II Optic Sensory only: vision III Oculomotor Mainly Motor: eyelid and eyeball movement IV Trochlear Mainly Motor: eyeball movement V Trigeminal Motor & Sensory: chewing In preparation for more extensive learning in lab, use Nervous System View 6. Cranial Nerves to identify the 12 pairs of cranial nerves. Be sure to use the Systems menu on the left side of the screen to deselect the skeletal, muscular, and digestive systems for the best view of the nerves. Click here to link to an ONLINE version of the lab manual.


Lab 26 brain and cranial nerves

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These results mirror many laboratory studies that have documented the powerful för 26 veckor sedan The vagus nerve has the longest course of all the cranial nerves, extending from the  Laboratory Manual for Human Anatomy with CAT Dissections: Wood, Michael: Books. The Spinal Cord and Spinal Nerves, The Brain and Cranial Nerves, General Senses, Kundrecensioner, 4,2 av 5 stjärnor 26Recensioner  av E Forsgren · 2017 — the motor cortex and lower motor neurons (LMNs) in the brain stem and spinal cord representing the innervates nuclei of the cranial nerves controlling muscles in the face, tongue and jaw.
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Lab 26 brain and cranial nerves

2020-05-01 · Lab 12 PP - Unit 16 - Cranial Nerves - Part 2 Cranial nerve pictures and diagrams. The cranial nerves are 12 pairs of nerves that can be seen on the ventral (bottom) surface of the brain. Some of these nerves bring information from the sense organs to the brain; other cranial nerves control muscles; other cranial nerves are connected to glands or internal organs such as the heart and lungs. Identify the major structural parts of the human brain. 2. Locate the major functional regions of the human brain.

Optic Chiasma. structure formed by the crossing-over of the optic nerves. Pineal Gland. cone … Medulla oblongata 7. Pia mater 8. Longitudinal 9.
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Lab 26 brain and cranial nerves

Locate the major functional regions of the human brain. 3. Identify each of the cranial nerves. 4.

part of brainstem continuous with the spinal cord. Midbrain. part of brainstem between diencephalon and pons.
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Match the letters on the diagram of the human brain (right lateral view) to the appropriate terms listed at the left: 1. … View Lab Report - lab manual_cranial nerves_atlas_part_1.pdf from BIO 201 at Salem State University.

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Make sure you find everything indicated on your wordlist indicated with an 4/28/2018 12:26:58 PM Module 16: The Brain and Cranial Nerves.

The first and second cranial nerve Identify each of the 12 pairs of cranial nerves. 2 3 Differentiate the functions of each cranial nerve.